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Dear travellers, this article is about one of the top concerns for anyone departing on a one year endeavour, such as ours! That concern is RTW INSURANCE!

A whole year, not knowing exactly in what type of conditions you will live in, sleep in or eat puts insurance on top of our priority list! It’s not exactly easy finding a reasonably priced RTW insurance, that is suitable for this type of trip.

During our search, a lot of the options for RTW insurance we found were only useful for UK residents, for instance. Others required a maximum period of 180 days abroad, after which we had to return to our home country before continuing the one year trip (something that made very little sense to us). Others simply had off the charts prices for RTW insurance!!!

We ended up finding the WorldNomads ( RTW insurance, which at a given point, seemed to be the most appropriate one. Not only does it perfectly seem to fit the RTW traveller needs, but it also had a more reasonable price (around 800 euros per year per person).

We had practically made up our minds regarding RTW insurance when, and quite timely we might add, a co-worker at Sara’s workplace suggested directly contacting the insurance provider that worked with the company Sara works for (or used to work for depending on when you’re reading this post!). Well, as it turns out, this was the insurance we opted for!

The insurer is Chartis (AIG Group), and they offer a specific traveller insurance (they don’t call it a RTW insurance, but it fits the requirements) – Chartis Individual Travel – that covers a lot of the unexpected events one might come to face (hopefully not) during a trip such as this and on top of that, at a very competitive price (we saved in total about 500 euros comparing to the WorldNomads price!)

Main features of the Chartis Individual Travel RTW insurance:

– Insured capital of 500.000 € in case of death or permanent injury;

– Unlimited Medical expenses abroad due to sickness or accident;

– Medical expenses in our home country due to accident or disease occurred abroad;

– Sequester, Kidnapping, ilegal detention;

– Political evacuation;

– Return to home country or medical evacuation guaranteed;

– Extended coverage for entire family;

– Coverage of personal goods and professional equipment (laptop, luxury items, etc)

– Loss, theft ou stolen luggage;

– Cancelled or interrupted trip;

– Flight delays;

– Money and valuable documents;

– Personal Liabilities insurance up to  5.000.000 euros;

– Worldwide coverage;

– Risk of War, Terrorism, Nuclear/biological/chemical warfare;

To sum it all up, there are alternatives to Worldnomads, and this seems to be a more competitive one, so don’t just stick to the first RTW insurance that looks ok to you.

One great thing about this RTW insurance is that you can use it for one person only, but if you extend it to the family (wife/girlfriend/children), then the price per person really comes down and makes it very competitive.

After finding out that the number options for RTW insurance in Portugal is quite limited (not well known), we invited the insurance company to be our sponsor, alas we believe we lacked some persuasion…maybe in our next RTW trip! =)

We just hope all goes well and we don’t ever have to use it, but we will definitely post a post-trip update about the RTW insurance we chose!

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